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Welcome to the Office Website of Victoria Rice
                                             Blood Ties 

I guess everyone can have their little fantasies. Me, I'm just trying to fit in. “Act Normal” is my mantra. After all, nobody I knew lived in another world while they slept, eighteenth century France to be exact, but again, who would admit it. So how the hell did Michel, my hot fantasy lover, walk right out of my dreams to show up on my first day of college as my art history professor. Worse yet, how did I end up as his teaching assistant?

Surely it's a quirk of genetics or a cruel joke from above, taunting me with Michel's pale twin.

But no, I was so very wrong. The campus crush, a mild mannered professor by day, is actually my long lost love, turned vampire upon our deaths two hundred years ago. He’s still the same sexy, frustrating man—well, with a few added perks.

He’s got secrets, slews of them which incidentally annoy me to death [lol] and by my guess, could kill me.

Should “optimistic” be the “happy” word for today? Optimistic that I’d come out of this alive?   
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Note from Victoria:

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